The eye contour is distinguished in two parts:

the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid.

The eyelids are folds of the skin, the main ones of which are functions: protecting, cleaning the eye, lubricating

the eye Skin area showing the thinnest thickness: 0.4 mm

The eyelids are considered glandular and fibro-muscular areas covered by a specialized epithelium


All eye makeup products must have a certain number of common characteristics: Ease of application

  • Sufficient strength to prevent products from leaking
  • Reasonable persistence after application Ease of removal during makeup removal
  • Perfect tolerance without any risk of toxicity, irritation or allergy

Mascaras are formulated for lash enhancement. They allow a accentuation of the gaze and greater liveliness in the white of the eye. Mascara is very often the only eye makeup used today.

  • They come in three main forms: Mascara tablet.
  • So-called “water based” mascara.
  • So-called “waterproof” mascara.


  • Easy and precise application
  • Quick drying without bundles
  • No tingling and irritation
  • A product that does not flow even in case of tearing
  • Can be used by lens wearers
  • Ease of makeup removal
  • Comfort in use
  • Convenient, precise, easily removable brush
  • Color the eyelashes when they are too pale
  • Lengthen lashes when they are too short
  • Accentuate the natural curvature of the eyelashes
  • Give thickness and volume to eyelashes
  • naturally and without serif
  • Promote eyelash growth or strengthen the ciliary fiber Long-lasting waterproof effect (water repellent)


Mascaras are suspensions of pigments dispersed in aqueous gels, in continuous aqueous phase emulsions or in fatty phase emulsions keep on going.

Cream mascaras are bases for water-based emulsions, waxes, emulsified, viscosity agents, to which the pigments will be added colorful.

Mascaras without emulsifier are wax dispersions in a aqueous phase containing water-soluble polymers.

 Liquid mascaras will be hydro-alcoholic solutions or gels with based on resins or ethylcellulose, vinyl polymers, within which may or may not be dispersed pigments.


They will be either creams or fluids contained in cylindrical tubes equipped with an automatic silk or nylon brush, which thanks to a wringer seal allows the elimination of product overload on the brush. This brush whose the ergonomics will be adapted to the function of the mascara (separation of the eyelashes, thickening of eyelashes, natural eyelashes …).