Makeup products for hands, nail polish nails is the pageantry of the nails of hands like those of his feet.

The varnish fingernails for the purpose of depositing a more or less shiny film on the nails covering and colorful, as stable as possible both in terms of color and shine than in terms of its mechanical strength.


  • The VAO must keep the appearance as homogeneous as possible in the bottle, without too much sedimentation, settling, separations, marbling …
  • The VAO should be easy to apply which means neither too thick nor too fluid
  • The VAO should dry as quickly as possible on the nail but not on the brush neither in the bottle Once dry,
  • The VAO applied in two layers should generate a stretched film, shiny, flawless, covering; smooth and uniform
  • The VAO must make it possible to obtain on the nail the same color as that seen and purchased in the bottle
  • The VAO must have mechanical properties of behavior and resistance in the time (on average 3 days): do not chip or wear out too easily while remaining sufficiently bright.
  • The VAO must remove make-up easily without leaving any colored marks on the nails and without any aggression or damage to the nails.

Nail polishes consist of three main parts:

  • The constituents of the surface film
  • Solvents and anti-sedimentation
  • additives Covering, coloring and special effects fillers


The bases, put before the nail polish, are intended to improve the properties.

The bases must:

  • Improve the hold of nail polish. They will play the role of a primary hanging.
  • Make the nail more resistant to avoid breakage and splitting

They are softer and richer in adherent resins, of the paratoluene type than varnishes.

For the hardening of the nail, aldehydes will be used which give with keratin a hard complex and not very hygroscopic, which helps to strengthen the mechanical strength of the nail.

The top coat, put after the nail polish, is a protection intended to improve the resistance of the varnish over time. The top coat is intended to reinforce the shine and the hardness of the varnish film. These are bases richer in nitrocellulose than nail polish.