Masks and Treatments For Our Face (Coffee grounds scrub)

Masks and Treatments For Our Face

After the masks for our hair, our face admitted its jealousy to us so here are some recipes to take care of yourself and your face … to have a luminous complexion when we will be able to see us again !!

1.The scrubs:

I share with you my favorite scrub: Coffee grounds scrub

First, start by pouring yourself a good cup of coffee !! Once you’ve made yourself some coffee, take the time to make it. to drink 🙂

Then I invite you to collect the coffee grounds, that is to say the coffee powder that has remained in the filter (or in the pod / capsule for those who have a coffee machine pods / capsules…).

To hydrate your skin a little, so as not to damage it, see the strip, I invite you to put the coffee grounds in a little oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, … the one you have at you). For my part, I have a slight preference for oil olive which has many virtues and benefits for the body.

Once this mixture is prepared… you are ready to make your scrub. To do this, you just need to apply it on your face (it works very well for the body and orange peel too !! ) and rub. Be careful not to rub too hard, however, you won’t hurt yourself! Leave on for a few minutes to give the caffeine time to take effect and rinse off.

This scrub is my favorite for 3 reasons:

  • 1, it can not waste (anti-waste and reuse)
  • 2, then it is very economical
  • 3, and finally it is 2 in 1! And yes the coffee bean can scrape and remove impurities and unclog the pores of our skin but also to “re” tone them as well as our cells thanks to the caffeine.
  • Then as a bonus … I love drinking coffee !!

An alternative: For those who do not drink coffee and / or who want to change from time to time I suggest you do the same recipe, replacing the coffee with tea !! Theine will have similar effects on our body. You can then use the tea leaves from your tea bag or loose tea after steeping and drinking a cup of it. We keep the same pleasure.

On the other hand, I admit that I have never used it with chocolate before hot … in general I have drunk it all and there is nothing left 🙂